From Shuhe we caught a 'baker's van' taxi to Lijiang's massive new railway station and retraced our route two hours South to Dali. Dusk was drawing in as we approached, skirting Erhai, the 25 mile long lake just outside the town. Dali is two cities: the ancient town where we stayed and a modern metropolis … Continue reading Dali


We had a day trip to Baisha from Shuhe. It's only a short taxi drive away but you do feel as if you're beginning to move away from the theme park-iness of Lijiang and Shuhe old towns (they are not theme parks, but they are pretty full on tourist traps). Which is not to say … Continue reading Baisha


After Lijiang we travelled to a new ancient town. Shuhe is only a couple of miles away and is part of the same UNESCO world heritage site. Traditionally it is associated with the Bai and Naxi people, though the large influx of Han Chinese into Yunnan is reflected here as well. One thing we like … Continue reading Shuhe