Worcester Century Plays

Written by Deborah Catesby, Kate Shaw and Lance Woodman

Commissioned by Worcester Theatre Company in association with Swan Playwrights. First performance at Worcester Swan Theatre, 7-28 April 2001

The plays have now been published and are available from Amazon or, if you don’t like Amazon’s tax policy, from Lulu.

“Vibrantlywcp01 imaginative… an affirmation of the Swan’s long-standing links with the city and county of Worcester, as well as a celebration of new writing.” The Stage

The cycle of four hour-long plays follows the saga of a Worcestershire family during the twentieth century. Over two evenings audiences share the family’s journey from the outbreak of the First World War through to the millennium eve celebrations.

“Mr Woodman writes like a poet…” Birmingham Post

A company of seven professional actors (3m, 4f) worked alongside a community company of twenty local people to tell the moving story of a family, a city and a nation.

Part One

wcp02The Same River by Lance Woodman

Happyland by Deborah Catseby

The joys, misfortunes and calamities of a family during the first half of the 20th Century. Just as the Severn winds through the heart of Worcestershire, their twisting tale takes us from the First World War right through to the second.

“A prime example of living history married with community theatre” Worcester Evening News

Part Two

wcp03Everyone’s Gone to the Moon by Kate Shaw

Inheritance by Lance Woodman

Time has leapt to 1969. Man is about to step on to the moon and like everyone else, our family are celebrating. It’s a time for joy, but this new generation is haunted by ghosts from the past. From Worcester’s building boom right up to Millennium eve, we share in the happiness and heartache, humour and romance as our family approach the beginning of a new century.

“…a quite remarkable, often moving, one-off experience… somethiwcp04ng special…” Birmingham Evening Mail

The first production was directed by Jenny Stephens and Kim Greengrass. Designed by Dawn Allsopp and Leila Kalbassi. Lighting and Sound by Nick Marston and Jake Chambers. Choreography by Paul Milton. The cast included Amy Shindler, Robin Kingsland, Robin Simpson, Sunny Ormonde, Yasmin Wilde, Paul Maddaford and Tina Gray.

“a wonderfully written and thought-provoking story which also manages to put a smile on your face…” Worcester Evening News



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