Upside Down and Back to Front

poster design by snowcreative
poster design by snowcreative

by Lance Woodman

The original theatre play was commissioned and produced by artworcs

An audio adaptation was commissioned and produced by BBC Radio Drama

The stage play was first performed at The Number 8 Community Arts Centre, Pershore, Worcestershire on 25-26 February 2005

“…this clever and engaging play… a real coup for this fantastic new venue… it deserves to be seen by a national audience” James Iles in The Worcester Standard

Set now and in 1913, the story follows a photographer as he travels around Worcestershire. We are taken on a journey through the pictures he creates and the relationships he forms. As he learns his craft we see how this journey changes his life forever.

This is a three-handed play (1F, 2M) with two of the actors playing myriad roles. A composite set allows the action to spin fluidly from scene to scene.

The script has now been published (ISBN: 978-1-291-62773-2) and is available from from lulu, Amazon and possibly from other booksellers.

Credits for the Pershore 2005 production

Charlie McCarthy, Paul Clarkson and Polly Lister in Upside Down and Back to Front (photo: Robert Day)
Charlie McCarthy, Paul Clarkson and Polly Lister in Upside Down and Back to Front (photo: Robert Day)
Paul Clarkson Alan Gresham, Lady Partington, Thomas Evans, William Moore, Gerhardt Heinz, Friday, Grandma Irons Polly Lister Florence Shaw, Kate Milton, Alfred Armstrong, Martha Moore, Dilly Irons, Bert Clapham
Charlie McCarthy Sam Evans Peter Leslie Wild Director
Nettie Edwards Designer Michael E Hall Lighting Designer
Peter Nash Sound Designer Tim Brierley Production Manager
Cerianne Pitcock Assistant Stage Manager Samantha Jones Assistant Stage Manager
Deborah Rees Project Manager John Shelton Photography Consultant

BBC Radio Drama commissioned me to adapt part of the story for their Radio 4 Afternoon Play slot. The play was first broadcast on Tuesday 14th November 2006.

Oliver Le Sueur Sam Evans Alex Tregear Florence Shaw
Richard Derrington Thomas Evans Elizabeth Bell Lady Partington
Dan Crow Alfred Parkin Helen Monks Dilly Irons
Kim Wall Gerald Fanshawe Alex Jones Bert Clapham
Fiona Kelcher Broadcast Assistant Sue Ward Broadcast Assistant
Michael Harrison Studio Manager (panel) Matt Johnson Studio Manager (spot)
Peter Leslie Wild Director

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