Onderox Magazine

The live interpretation team have received a review in Onderox Magazine (in Flemish). I'm not quite sure how significant Onderox is, but it's nice to be international. Google translate renders the section on Bodiam as... The medieval castle For a portion of history we pull back inland. Bodiam Castle, in a small village, dating back … Continue reading Onderox Magazine

Sussex Life

My work as a live interpreter at Bodiam Castle was mentioned in an article in Sussex Life magazine recently. In other news the new outfit for Sir Edward Dallingridge has arrived (see left) and I've tried it out on a couple of occasions. It is a magnificent piece of work by Black Swan Designs. We … Continue reading Sussex Life

The other storm

After the 'St Jude's Day' storm came the 'not quite stormy enough to be named' storm on the following Sunday. Apart from scaring me silly while driving home it didn't have much of a lasting effect. However, these things must be documented...  

At work

It's been a tough couple of days at work. At the weekend Bodiam ran an All Souls evening event called The Red Lady - a kind of adventure game / theatre piece. I was the audience's guide as they strove to solve a series of riddles. It was great fun and wonderful to be working … Continue reading At work


Apologies for the lack of posts recently. After a couple of lean years I am suddenly working much more and time is at a premium. However, much of the new work is seasonal and I hope to be blogging regularly later in the year.