Bodiam on the telly and another year’s work

A new TV series 'Castles: Britain's Fortified History' ( starts tonight at 9pm on BBC4. The series is presented by Dr Sam Willis. The programmes trace the story of Britain's castles and their unique role in our history, art and literature (it says). Bodiam Castle features in next week's episode on 11th December. I was … Continue reading Bodiam on the telly and another year’s work


>No racing last weekend - sick of the guts. Saturday was meant to be a club '10', so no problem there (entry on the line) but Sunday was the last '25' of the West London Combine season. I felt guilty about missing that. Sounded like a good day as well.I'm still deaf. I've been putting olive oil … Continue reading >Sicko


>Great to see The Sopranos back on the TV last night. There were some intriguing set ups. There is such joy in watching US drama of this quality (though I have failed to engage with Heroes and Lost).We're just back from another family wedding - this time in Liverpool (plus a night at the Widnes … Continue reading >Sopranos

>Enter SL

>Lyn Gardner has another interesting piece in The Guardian Arts Blog today. She gives a qualified welcome to what she identifies as an emerging trend for comics to be cast in straight roles. Her qualification is that the final judgment must be made on acting ability rather than box office (i.e. Kevin Spacey rather than … Continue reading >Enter SL