I have been reading some of Maurice Maeterlinck's early short plays in translations by Francis Booth. Maeterlinck refers to these works as his Marionette Plays. He wanted an unemotional style of presentation that he thought would only be achievable by using puppets. Given these reservations, it's interesting that Konstantin Stanislavski was an early director of … Continue reading Maeterlinck

>Another DNS

>I was meant to ride the Hillingdon CC '25' on the 'new' Amersham Road course (H25/4) on Sunday, but didn't even travel this time. The house move is becoming all consuming. I'm lucky to get out on the bike for a couple of hours a week now.I've started teaching again. It's great to have a … Continue reading >Another DNS

>A Page Turner and the 20/20 conference

> Last weekend I attended the 20/20 Playwriting/Pedagogy conference run by The Department of Drama and Theatre Arts at Birmingham University. It was great to meet up with old friends, meet some new friends and listen to some interesting and inspiring papers. The US playwriting/pedagogy scene (with its much longer history of teaching playwriting) was … Continue reading >A Page Turner and the 20/20 conference

>Early start

>I'm on the early train tomorrow, heading North to Birmingham for the day. I've managed to avoid a lot of this commuting for the past few weeks by working from home. However, the semester-time routine is about to re-establish itself and I have to acclimatise to hours on the train again.I never find it easy … Continue reading >Early start