We went to see Jez Butterworth's play Jerusalem in that London yesterday. As has been already noted, it's a fine production of a wonderfully messy play. Do go and see it if you can (it's sold out for the current run). Mark Rylance heads up a company that revels in the revels. The audience (even … Continue reading Jerusalem


The Saturday Storylines event at the Hastings Storytelling Festival went well in the end. There were four of us storytellers, all with differing levels of experience. We had the morning and afternoon to hone the pieces with the help of Chrissie, a writer / theatre director, and Jamie, a professional storyteller. My piece - a ten … Continue reading Storytelling

Hastings Bonfire

Bonfires are different down South. I'd heard tales of the Lewes festivities, but there's nothing like being there to get the full experience. Last Saturday was Hastings' bonfire night. Thousands of people packed the front to see the parade consisting of torch carrying zombies, pirates, prisoners, skull-headed drummers, Normans, Tommies and the like. A carnival … Continue reading Hastings Bonfire