The other storm

After the 'St Jude's Day' storm came the 'not quite stormy enough to be named' storm on the following Sunday. Apart from scaring me silly while driving home it didn't have much of a lasting effect. However, these things must be documented...  

Up on the roof

What's happening on the roof of the De La Warr Pavilion? There seems to be a BMX / skateboarding ramp up there. The roof of the Pavilion can be an entertaining space. On closer inspection it's a nice little facility. Is the DLWP adding street sports to its mission? Kind of. It looks like it's … Continue reading Up on the roof

A Gig

We've had a couple of impromptu nights out this week. On Thursday, on a whim, we went to a music gig. Local music shop Music's Not Dead promoted their first show at the old Bexhill West Station. Part of the station is now an antique shop and café, Eras of Style. The gig itself was … Continue reading A Gig


Today (October 1st!) in Bexhill... Pat went sailing... The sea was actually very flat. Some lovely reflections. ...and the sun glistening off the surface...