>Stuff Happens

>Kind of Dark has been in rehearsal the last couple of days. Suzanne Bell is directing Mark Arends and Raquel Cassidy. Amazingly, it goes live on Sunday at 5pm and 8pm. The other writers in the show are Glyn Cannon, Stephen Sharkey, Nancy Harris and Frederic Blanchette translated by Christopher Campbell. There's a full running … Continue reading >Stuff Happens

>The Climb

>Back home after a couple of days away. The recording of the radio play went well - great performances from Paul Clarkson and John Flitcroft. It was a fun production with John pedalling away on a static bike while Paul jogged back and fore to simulate riding with him. Thanks to all involved (Paul, John, … Continue reading >The Climb

>A week in radio

>On Thursday I'm off to Birmingham for the recording of The Climb, my radio dramadoc destined for Radio 4's Afternoon Play slot on July 4th. Soweto Kinch's music has been commissioned and will be recorded soon after. Soweto's musings on moments of transcendence have been recorded (produced by Rosie Boulton) and edited into the script. … Continue reading >A week in radio

>A Dream

>I had a dream ... I've been piling on the weight since the move to London and it's been worrying me. Anyway - this dream. I dreamt I woke up and looked in the mirror and I was wearing this really heavy hat - a two stone hat! I hadn't realised that I'd been wearing … Continue reading >A Dream