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>Well that was nice

>I needed a break.

After The Climb and Kind of Dark – both positive experiences in themselves – I was pretty drawn out. The Climb got a kicking on the BBC Message Boards and there was a chance of me getting very negative very quickly. So I went to another place, and it’s been a different sort of Summer. I am physically fitter, the house looks better and there are new qualifications on the horizon.

But now playwriting beckons again. There’s another deadline on the horizon and, to help the necessary change of state, there’s been an enquiry about an older play. Hurray.

As with all deadlines there’s been a lot of displacement in the build up. For the last few days I have been rebuilding the office, continuing unpacking (we’ve only been here a year), filing and form filling (the tax return is still to come though). I suppose the blog is part of the same process – trying to creep up on the writing without it noticing.

>Stuff Happens

>Kind of Dark has been in rehearsal the last couple of days. Suzanne Bell is directing Mark Arends and Raquel Cassidy. Amazingly, it goes live on Sunday at 5pm and 8pm. The other writers in the show are Glyn Cannon, Stephen Sharkey, Nancy Harris and Frederic Blanchette translated by Christopher Campbell. There’s a full running order at Book tickets (£9 / £7 concessions) at or on 0207 503 1646.

I’ve been working on a schools project in Tottenham for a couple of months and selected plays are being presented at a show at The Arts Theatre in about ten days time. It’s been a great project. The pupils have written a wide range of really theatrical pieces. I’m looking forward to the show to see what the other schools have created as well.

My Birkbeck students have also delivered their plays. Two good, strong groups. A couple of weeks of tutorials and then I’m done for the term.

The radio play is in The Radio Times, but they’ve spelt my name wrong – ‘Goodman’ rather than ‘Woodman’. It’s right in the online version. I’ve been sent a copy of the final edit and I think it’s really wonderful – the disparate strands edit together beatifully and Soweto’s music really works. Wednesday, 2:15pm.

>Kind of Dark

>Quite busy just now, what with writing and teaching and all, so just a short note – The Miniaturists show scheduled for Sunday July 1st at The Arcola will feature a piece by me called Kind of Dark. Suzanne Bell will direct. I’m made up.