A Gig

We've had a couple of impromptu nights out this week. On Thursday, on a whim, we went to a music gig. Local music shop Music's Not Dead promoted their first show at the old Bexhill West Station. Part of the station is now an antique shop and café, Eras of Style. The gig itself was … Continue reading A Gig

>Stuff Happens

>Kind of Dark has been in rehearsal the last couple of days. Suzanne Bell is directing Mark Arends and Raquel Cassidy. Amazingly, it goes live on Sunday at 5pm and 8pm. The other writers in the show are Glyn Cannon, Stephen Sharkey, Nancy Harris and Frederic Blanchette translated by Christopher Campbell. There's a full running … Continue reading >Stuff Happens

>A Dream

>I had a dream ... I've been piling on the weight since the move to London and it's been worrying me. Anyway - this dream. I dreamt I woke up and looked in the mirror and I was wearing this really heavy hat - a two stone hat! I hadn't realised that I'd been wearing … Continue reading >A Dream