New Job

I went for a job interview yesterday. It seemed to go quite well and I've just heard that I got the job. I'm very pleased. It's a part-time role with lots of weekend working. Although it's a permanent post, most of the hours are allocated to the months between Easter and September. I'm going to … Continue reading New Job

>Be positive

>Thursday night's ride was a little disappointing but I think I kept a sense of perspective.Today, however, I may have let the negativity bug get to me for a while. I'm over it now.The event was the Sussex Cyclists' Association 25m TT Championships on the G25/93 at Steyning. I'd not ridden the course before, but … Continue reading >Be positive


>I am suffering from frustration. I'd got back into the training groove - admittedly dragging myself up hills and crawling into headwinds - but now it's all fallen apart again. I think I may have mislaid my cycling mojo. I have excuses - DIY to do, plumbers to wait for, it looks a bit rainy … Continue reading >Arghhh!