>I'm getting fitter. No, really, I am. I know I'm not riding enough, but every time I go out I do the same rides with less effort. I may not get much faster, but less effort is expended. So how come?Fitness is not only those things you can measure in a lab or gym (strength, … Continue reading >Fitness

>2011 – race #1

>And so it begins again.I've had a fortnight of occasional short, gentle rides rather than training. We've been packing the house ready for the move and that has taken all of our attention. Despite this I did want to ride today's event. I've got very anxious over the last weeks and cycling has helped take … Continue reading >2011 – race #1

>The Pit Pony

>There used to be a regularly shown piece of film of pit ponies being brought to the surface for their once a year holiday. The ponies, released from the perma-dark imprisonment of the mine, went bonkers. Running and jumping around the field - a picture of unconfined joy.PIT PONIES - CARDIFF<p><p><p>Your browser does not support … Continue reading >The Pit Pony


>Last night was the final Westerley CC Hillingdon Circuit '10' of the season. I decided to ride it on the track bike (with added clip-on tri bars). This was a) to get some saddle time with the bike before Saturday's track session and b) just for the hell of it. The bike was set up … Continue reading >Fixed