>The time trialling season begins for me tomorrow with a 10 mile event. I will report (eventually).Next weekend I have a weekend off the bike to go and see my artworcs friends. I am also attending the 20:20 conference in Birmingham where my short play A Page Turner is receiving its first performances alongside 19 … Continue reading >Stuff

>A good weekend

>Sunday was a great day - warm and relatively still. I rode the Hillingdon CC 25m TT on the Marlow course and recorded a time of 1:3:42. This is 3 minutes faster than my previous time this season and my fastest since 1981. It's a fast course with a 2 mile 'ski-jump start' (a fast … Continue reading >A good weekend

>Where was I?

>Feeling a bit nnfff lately, hence the lack of blogaction. A bit narked by some of the vituperation and weaseliness in the Attempts On Her Life debate (oh Nicholas!), but some positive contributions on both sides of the argument. Encore is probably a good place to start if you're interested.I led a session on the … Continue reading >Where was I?


>P is teaching late so I watched Fitzcarraldo, Werner Herzog's take on the Raymond Gubbay story. On reflection, I may have over-emphasised the difficulties encountered in putting up the shed.Worked on the Birmingham play. Completely uninspired so far, but there were numbers to hit so I kept ploughing on. By the end of the day … Continue reading >Fitzcarraldo