I have been reading some of Maurice Maeterlinck's early short plays in translations by Francis Booth. Maeterlinck refers to these works as his Marionette Plays. He wanted an unemotional style of presentation that he thought would only be achievable by using puppets. Given these reservations, it's interesting that Konstantin Stanislavski was an early director of … Continue reading Maeterlinck

Castles and bread

Sorry for the hiatus. I am still researching castles and medieval bread. Who would have thought that castles would be so controversial? The Battle of Bodiam Castle, it turns out, was not a medieval siege. It's a contemporary academic quarrel that seems to crystallise the opposing camps' points of view. Is Bodiam a military masterwork covering a strategic … Continue reading Castles and bread

>On Tour

>I've just read On Tour by Bradley Wiggins with photos by Scott Mitchell.The book tells the story of Wiggins' 2010 Tour de France riding for Team Sky. The race didn't go as Wiggins hoped and he's honest in his assessment of his performance. A lot of the text seems to be based on notes taken … Continue reading >On Tour

>Midweek 10

>I rode the Westerley CC Wednesday night '10' on the Hillingdon circuit. It was a breezy night and I couldn't get going - finishing up with a 27:00 for the 11 laps / 10.44 miles. I went through 10 miles in 25:55.Race stats: Time: 27:00 (23.20mph). First 5 miles: 12:51, second 5 miles: 12:56. Top … Continue reading >Midweek 10

>Books for Sale

>I'm selling some books using Amazon. The list includes some cycle coaching manuals and I will keep adding material as I work through my shelves. If you're interested the list is here.

>A brief respite

>A quiet Christmas, an airing cupboard half built and not a line of dialogue attempted. Tomorrow we head North to Speke for a few days to see P's mum. I shall take a notebook and a pen and leave behind the Internet connection - Have a Happy New Year!.I bought Peter Ackroyd's Shakespeare: The Biography … Continue reading >A brief respite

>A Gift

>I am mostly reading The Gift by Lewis Hyde at the moment. It's a fascinating study of gift economy in comparison to market economy (the arts, he argues, need to be understood principally in terms of the first). It's sometimes tough going because of the detail of the argument, but it's great to come across … Continue reading >A Gift