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Apologies for the lack of posts recently. After a couple of lean years I am suddenly working much more and time is at a premium.

However, much of the new work is seasonal and I hope to be blogging regularly later in the year.

Getting in touch

Today we changed ISP. Hardly worth a blog post – I admit – but it means that my old email address is well and truly dead and buried. If you need to get in touch, please use my new email address (or send a pigeon).


The big move

Right, I think it’s mostly here.

My old Web site at is likely to disappear early in the New Year. In anticipation of this I have been overhauling this place to include most of the old content.

The menu bar at the top now has fairly comprehensive links to different parts of my professional life. I’m afraid cycling has had to go (in more ways than one).  The links (right) have been updated slightly as well.

Down on the right-hand side is a link to the lulu bookshop. I have an idea to publish a few more ‘works’ next year. Keep an eye out for that.

I hope it all looks okay and is accurate. Do let me know if you find any issues.

A wordle on the blog


Merry Christmas

Xmas Penguin

The Christmas Penguin

Have a great Christmas, everyone.

Day One

Welcome to the new virtual home for New in Town. I’m not quite au fait with the software yet, so please bear with me well I get the site up to speed.

>Riding in echelon

>Here’s a superb video of the pros riding in echelon at the Tour of Qatar:

I found it at the Inner Ring blog who located it at

 If you’ve ever been shouted at a Thursday night Hillingdon session for not getting the changes right, it’s well worth a look.

>Just a bit of fun

>I had a play with to produce a word cloud based on this blog. Here it is:

There are some negative words in there. I’d better call the analyst.

Thanks to Dave Windass at Killing Time for pointing me towards wordle.

>Talking shop

>It was nice, the other day, to chat with a playwright who called round to the house – it makes me realise how rare an event this is nowadays. I’ve got out of the theatre mix since moving here, and the conversations that provoke and sustain have largely ceased. The house move has triggered this, but I’ve let it happen. Whether I have the desire to get communications going again remains to be seen.

This blog, which was an effort to create new conversations, now seems redundant. I tried to close it down before, but vanity intervened. But vanity is not a sustainable engine for someone who dresses like me. So I think this is the last post.

>The wall comes down

>Just when I need to be focusing on hard typing, real life intervenes again. Our ‘conservatory’ (lean to / utility space / shanty room) has started falling down. The builder has been to have a look and spread the gloom. The wall needs to be taken down (if it hasn’t fallen down by the time his diary clears), rebuilt and a new roof installed. This time we’re going for concrete foundations rather than sand and a prayer. How come your surveyor never picks this stuff up?

The job is going to cost about 1.5 radio plays or half a theatre play. It seems quite reasonable for the work involved, but we didn’t need this. We’d hoped to replace the whole lot with something decent in a few years time (2.5 theatre plays / 7.5 radio plays worth). No chance of that now.

It’s a pity this is distracting me from the work I need to do to pay for the bloody thing.

And it’s started raining, just as I’m about to set out to do some cycle coaching. I could spit.

In other (better) news… Natasha Trimpney of Interval Drinks has joined The Guardian‘s critics and bloggers debate.