art\write: Two Chairs goes live

Two Chairs project

The art\write Two Chairs project I wrote about earlier has gone live. The main project page links to eleven very different responses to the original prompt by sixteen different artists and writers.

My piece is a short film involving live action and (of course) some small sections of stop motion animation. It took a lot of false starts and rapid learning to get to where it is now. I’ve still got a lot to learn. I am indebted to Pat Roberts and Jon Legg for their help.

The next project is already underway. I was challenged by a friend to incorporate a particular guest character. It felt strange at first but I think I have created a world and style that fits. The screenplay is written, voices are being recorded and some very technical shots are in the can (!). Today I’m reviewing the shot list and getting ready to start the bulk of filming. It’ll be 95% stop motion as things stand. Stay tuned.