Red Skies Over the Severn

Book cover
The published script’s cover

The play Red Skies Over the Severn was my third professional, main stage commission as a playwright back in 2001.

It had to be topical so it was written in a great hurry. I think it gained energy from that process. My thanks to the commissioning Worcester Theatre Company and director Jenny Stephens.

The play was received pretty well. The Guardian and The Telegraph sent their top reviewers, so the coverage was good.

So why talk about it now? Well I think 11 and bit year anniversaries are important. There are a couple of other reasons as well…

  • I am slowly closing down my old web site and moving the content to this one. Red Skies… is the first page to move across.
  • I felt the play disappeared after the run in Worcester. There has never been a second production. I don’t like that it has disappeared without trace so I’ve published the script. You can buy it here or, if it seems expensive, get in touch and I’ll see if I can arrange a deal.

I will probably publish more scripts in the next few months.