Back on the bike


The turbo bike

After a few months off I finally got back on the bike on December 31st. 18 miles (at 13mph!) later and I was sore, tired but pleased to have achieved ride #1.

Since then I’ve unpacked the turbo trainer, repaired the turbo bike and bridged the bad weather gap with a couple of easy static sessions.

I’d been worrying (!) that my heart rate was too high for the perceived effort I was making. On reflection I think it’s because this is the first time in years that I’ve been training while REALLY rested (as opposed to barely recovered).

On Sunday I went for a leisure ride with Pat along the new Coastal Connection path between Glyne Gap and St Leonards. The surface is a bit sketchy in places (deep, loose gravel) but I think it will be a popular alternative to the main road. Especially as it has a café on it. We stopped for a brew even though it was only a ten mile ride.

In the afternoon I did a 25 mile circuit through Cooden, Pevensey, Magham Down, Herstmonceux, Ninfield, High Woods and Little Common. I only averaged 14 mph after blowing up in some style with a few miles to go. The Ryvita for lunch was clearly not enough fuel.

And so to today’s session. It was a perfect, mild, windless day. I did the same 25 mile circuit and pushed along about one gear higher. I felt stronger. I did get a bit ragged towards the end, but always in control. It was still only a 15mph run, but that’s progress. I love it when a ride goes well.

If I’m cycling to maintain fitness (rather than to improve racing performance) I think three rides a week should be enough. I’d like to get some more distance work in, but I need to adjust to being back in the saddle before that becomes possible.

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