Meeting your heroes

The job at Bodiam Castle may be indifferently paid and involve idiosyncratic hours but it does have many compensations. It is the best office I’ve ever worked in and I do like working with people when they’re intent on enjoying themselves.

This month has been extra special though. I’ve got to meet and work with one of my all time heroes. You might have thought it was impossible for Father Christmas to live up to all the hype, but no: he’s a generous, hard-working colleague with time for everyone and not a cynical bone in his body. Here’s a picture of me and the big guy (that’s him on the left. I’m the one on the right).

Father Christmas

Father Christmas

About lancewoodman

Playwright, heritage interpreter and teacher. Living in the Midlands, UK

Posted on December 20, 2011, in Bodiam Castle, Live Interpretation. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Did you ask him for a Team Rouleur jersey?

  2. Ouch! That hurts, but you’re not going to spoil it for me, John.

  3. Like your Christmas outfit – present from Pat? Very noble of you to wear it!

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