Metal detecting – recent finds

A selection of buckles
A selection of buckles

I’ve not been out detecting much recently. This lot came from inland – it’s nice to get away from the beach occasionally.

Buckles seem to be quite a common find. These are all some sort of copper alloy so they’re quite well preserved.

The barrel-tap key is a throwback to a different way of life. The key offered some security when barrels of beer or cider were taken out into the field.

I did find one coin – an 1861 penny. This is the oldest coin I’ve found so far (and possibly the oldest item).

A Barrel-tap key - probably 19C
A Barrel-tap key - probably 19C
Barrel-tap key
Barrel-tap key - a view of the end
A cigarette lighter
A cigarette lighter - not working yet
A lock plate
Perhaps the security door off a secure mouse hole?
Everyone wants to find a ring. Not necessarily giant iron rings though.
Victoria penny 1861
Victoria penny 1861 - the oldest coin I've found so far
...and the tail side