Hastings Bonfire

Bonfires are different down South. I’d heard tales of the Lewes festivities, but there’s nothing like being there to get the full experience.

The parade
People in prisoners arrows carry torches in the parade

Last Saturday was Hastings’ bonfire night. Thousands of people packed the front to see the parade consisting of torch carrying zombies, pirates, prisoners, skull-headed drummers, Normans, Tommies and the like. A carnival of the night which conjured up resonances with the Mexican day of the dead. Not at all like Diwali or the Guy Fawkes nights of my childhood.


The bonfire (labelled with ‘Bankers’ and ‘Politicians’) was enormous and terrifying. The firework display was spectacular.

Every year they blow up an effigy of somebody demonised in the news. This year they chose Hoodies who they associated with the rioters (not a 1:1 match there, guys). They certainly blew it to kingdom come.

The bonfire
The camera phone fails to capture the terrifying intensity (and size) of the fire