Trip to Worcester

We went to Worcester recently for a friend’s birthday party. I’ve still got mixed feelings about the city but it was a really nice weekend. I came away enthused about new projects and glad to be back in touch with some great people again.

The railway bridge
The party was on a river boat. As we waited on the quay this narrow boat came under the railway bridge.
This wasn't the boat we were on
Worcestershire people
Worcestershire people can be a bit odd but they're generally friendly
Worcester Cathedral. King John is buried there. I once pretended to urinate against the font in a community play there.
Edward Elgar's father's music shop was here before they knocked it down. Edward's statue now graces the roundabout.
This was once a fine street of medieval houses leading to the Cathedral. They were demolished in the 60s as part of a road widening scheme.
The last Cathedral lychgate in England stood here. It was demolished in 1963.

There are some pictures of the old lich gate here. The 60s road scheme separates the city centre from the river and the Cathedral. It’s a shame.

A new art work

I hadn’t see this art work before. It’s on the two bridge parapets of the canal bridge near The Commandery (well worth a visit). Worcester ‘hosted’ two key battles of the English Civil War.