I’m running a workshop

Beautiful Rye

Built your bonfire too early? Nothing to do early on November 5th? Why not sign up for a writing workshop!

I’m running a one day course at The School Creative Centre in beautiful Rye on Bonfire Day. The full details and booking thing are here.

The blurb says…

This workshop will use a series of practical and impractical exercises to enable you to create flawed but interesting scenes for performance. We’ll look at how actors find their way through scenes, marvel at their speed of thought and try to creates writing that matches it. We’ll be thinking (or not thinking) about pacing and… rhythm. We’ll delight in toying with the audience’s expectations. We’ll worry about whether our plays’ dimensions and depths are as they should be.

…and it’s all true. £20 would be cheap at half the price.

Write  a few short plays during the day and then go home to enjoy a bucketful of pyrotechnic-based, religious zealotry in the evening. What could be better!