Performance 101

Today I clocked up my 101st presentation to the public at the castle (I can do up to 5 a day). Each performance lasts 15 minutes, so that over 25 hours of telling people stuff.

Baker talk

Most of the presentations have been the story of the Pandemain loaf (a.k.a. The Baker Talk). It’s evolved into a nice piece with a good story arc. It’s had some positive feedback as well.

I’m not a natural performer. I wish I’d paid more attention when I was told how to project (and protect) my voice. I’ve got more confident with the material though. It does sometimes feel repetitive but often the final show of the day is the best – you get on top of the story and can be more playful with it.

I’m now developing a new piece and next season I will need a couple more. It’s like real work – except that I’m dressed up and in a castle.