Find of the day #11 – real old money

I went out with a metal detecting club last weekend. It was my first time off the beach. We were on fields in the Weald.

I concentrated on pasture and with my first signal picked up my first pre-decimal coin. It’s a 1906 Edward VII penny with a nice patina.

The tail side of the penny. It's well worn but there's Britannia in all her glory.
There's the king

The rest of the day was pretty barren for me. Just before the rain came though I dug up a 1928 farthing from some peaty soil. It’s pretty badly corroded. It’s years since I’ve seen one in the flesh. We used to play ‘shops’ with them at my gran’s cottage years ago.

The farthing.
...and the other side

The rest of the day supplied a soaking, some useful practice in laying turves, several bits of tat (including a shotgun cartridge) and this. I think it’s the window opener from an alien space craft.

Can you see the self-portrait the alien has worked into the design?