Find of the day #8 – a mystery item

I’ve no idea what this is. The red metal is a coppery material, the yellow is brassy. I get the feeling it might be the innards of something larger.

If you have an idea what it might be – please do let me know.

It's a mystery
About 4cm long. Knurled end. Slotted. A bit like part of a propelling pencil
It's still a mystery
The slot in the end is rectangular. So it's probably not a pencil or a lipstick.
It's confounding
It's been a bit battered by it's time in the pebbles.

One thought on “Find of the day #8 – a mystery item

  1. Hi there
    This looks like it held a wick. . I have found bits of old oil lamps and they always have this shape for the wick so it could well be part of a lamp. . I know this is an old post so hope this finds you well . .
    From a fellow detectorist

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