Find of the day #3

Dicky bow
Dicky bow

I found this quite early on. I was quite grateful to have a find that was easy to see. I hate digging for 10 minutes only to find a piece of shredded foil.

Dicky bow from back
The back of the bow

The clip is what the detector picked up. It suggests that it’s a hair grip rather than a proper dicky bow. I’ll have to grow my hair longer.

The printed squares are 1cm by 1cm.

A Mrs Trellis of Droitwich has emailed to say that these finds don’t seem particularly noteworthy. She is, of course, correct. They do, however, represent the most interesting things that I have found so far. I will try harder.

2 thoughts on “Find of the day #3

  1. Regrettably Mrs Trellis doesn’t have a sense of adventure where everything/every find is a miracle. I’ve collected some object d’art that’s personal to me eg brass eagles, a wooden eagle, model trains/planes/bikes, birds etc, no doubt others see it as junk, but that’s their view point and is certainly not mine, in a number of cases these things were crafted by hand.

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