A big change in the weather transforms the seaside completely. It’s promising to be very dramatic here over the next few days.

The sun's up there somewhere, but the storm clouds and waves dominate

The official advice is to stay out of the water. People seem to concur.

West Parade - red flags
The red flags are flying on West Parade

The windiest corner in Bexhill is Marina / Devonshire Road. Luckily there’s a cafe on the corner to watch the weather in comfort. The sound of the building creaking and the wind whistling was a little unsettling though.

The view from the c-side cafe
The view from the excellent c-side cafe in Devonshire Road looking out across Marina towards the sea

The Cheddar cob is excellent here…

Cheddar cob
Cheddar cob and a large coffee - warming up half way through the walk