Lewes Castle

We spent yesterday on our first ever visit to Lewes. It rained.

The town is very proud of its history with more plaques and information boards per square kilometre than any other town in Britain*. Thomas Paine is an old boy (taxman and tobacconist).

Lewes Castle is run by the Sussex Archaeological Society. It’s a much-altered early Norman castle with (unusually) two mottes. The one is topped with a shell keep which you can climb. There are fine views over the town and surrounding countryside. The barbican (below) was added in the early 14th century.

The barbican, Lewes Castle
The barbican, Lewes Castle. That's me before the concussion.

You can climb to the top, but mind your bonce as you come down if you don’t want a two day headache. I’m just saying.

The attached Barbican House museum is well worth a visit (it’s included in the ticket price). It contains a wide selection of artefacts from Neolithic times onwards. I was impressed with their medieval collections.