A baker’s life

I’ve had a couple of days off at home. This has given me a chance to recover from four of my busiest days at the castle since I started working there in May.

The Grand Medieval Weekend was grand. The site was buzzing for the whole weekend. The jousting and the fighting were very popular. Perhaps we could rehabilitate some rioters by apprenticing them to historical battle re-enactment groups.

Monday and Tuesday were also busy with lots of families coming to visit.

Monday was a day to present and improve the Great Hall Feast demonstration. It involves two of us and I think we’re getting the hand overs working more slickly now. I think I prefer working in a team.

Tuesday saw me present the story of the paindemain loaf four times in a row. The energy level is now about right, but it needs a more disciplined performance’. It’s been too many years since I’ve ‘acted’ in anger – the technique is slow in coming back.

So it’s been a good few days, but I was glad to be off yesterday. Amongst other things it gave me the chance to have my first haircut in many years. The barber contrived to cut it in so that it looks like I’m wearing a bad toupee. I don’t think I’ll throw the clippers away just yet.