Quick update

Metal detect’ing: millionaire status has been delayed. I did have one good night (61p) but since then I’ve scored 1p and 2p (2 x 1p coins rusted beyond use – did you know that ‘copper’ coins are mostly iron nowadays?). I did, however, manage to pick up a pebble with a natural hole all the way through it. This is supposed to repel devils, so that’s all good.

Bread presentation: In the end it’s gone okay. It’s running a little long but it keeps visitors engaged and they ask questions afterwards.

Today I was shown how to really make a presentation work by one of the castle’s talented volunteers. She worked out a show featuring her character and mine with full audience interaction in a couple of hours. She then honed it across three presentations during the day. Very impressive.

This weekend is Bodiam’s Grand Medieval Weekend. I’ll be talking about bread up to ten times across the two days. We’ll see how it develops. I’ll also get a chance to see colleagues in action again, which helps.