This metal detecting (detectoring?) lark has cost me money. I’m not flush at the moment so this is an issue. Last night, however, the payback began. Two and a half hours of work on the beach and I’m beginning to earn money. Admittedly it’s only 5p so far (1999 5p coin in fair condition – value about 1/-) but it’s a start.


I did bump into another detectorist who had already scooped up several quid, so I’ve got a lot to learn (e.g. get there earlier, look where people gather etc.).

Other finds last night included a pearl necklace (false), a clip-on dicky bow, some security glass, several beer caps, a fishing weight, a button, some foil and several lumps of unidentified scrap. All useful training in using the machine.

I dug up about 70-80% of my positive signals compared to 10-20% the last time. I was helped by a new technique called ‘reading the manual’. I’d been digging where the centre of the coil was when the machine went ‘ping’ when I should have been looking at the trailing edge.