Commuting through history

I’ve ridden into work and back a couple of times this week. It’s just over 15 miles each way, so not too strenuous. Or it shouldn’t be. Unfortunately the route that looks so straight on the map seems to go up and down every stream valley between here and the Castle. 2773 feet of climbing in the 31.5 miles gives me a feet climbed per mile figure of 88 – the hilliest rides I have in my training diary. The previous hardest was about 75 ft/ml. There’s a 15%er in there as well – 1 in 6.

The route to work
Profile of the route to work

I have never been a mountain goat and trip one (on Tuesday) was an epic. I didn’t know the terrain and got the gears wrong on every climb. I wasn’t helped by being on the heavy Winter bike with a carrier and pannier on as well.

I whimped out on Wednesday but did the ride again today. It was better. I hardly hit the red zone at all.

It is a ride through history: from the neolithic boat and dinosaurs fossils of Bexhill, through the early nineteenth century smugglers’ territory of Sidley towards Ninfield, where William the Conqueror raised his standard. From there the route rises to Battle (as in 1066) and heads for Bodiam where relics of the Roman navy have been found. The Castle itself has echos of the Hundred Years War, The Peasants Revolt, The Wars of the Roses and The English Civil War.

I just wish it was flatter.