Kicking back a little

No races this weekend. The closest I could have ridden was the San Faiy Ann CC 50m TT but three weeks ago, when the entry was due, I didn’t fancy racing that far with so little form. This was a wise decision as it turns out. The form hasn’t arrived and it was a stinker of a day with high winds slowing people down all over the country – even at the National ’10’ championships (well done to the In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp riders – some good times there).

This week’s training has been easy – about 40% down on the usual efforts. You need a periodic easier week to allow recovery and maintain interest. I did do a 50+ mile ride yesterday but today was another rest day.

The new job starts on Wednesday. I’m down to work next Sunday so this may mean a DNS for next week’s race. It’s not something that I like doing, but the job comes first. I’ve decided not to enter the National ’50’ Championship in case something similar happens. It wouldn’t be good to rob someone else of a ride.

Tomorrow evening is the next Lewes Wanderers‘ club ’10’. It looks as if it’ll be a breezy affair, so my target will only be another long 25 minute ride. I’ll be riding with some crude wooden chocks under the arm rests as an experiment. Despite being brand new and tightened to the correct torque, they’ve slipped down in every race I’ve used them in.