Race #14 – Bogey course

It was back to the back of the field again last night. The Eastbourne Rovers club ’10’ from Pevensey seems to be a bête noire course for me. For three weeks I went slower every week. Yestday I managed to go 17 seconds faster than last week (hurrah!) but it was a much better evening (boo!). The first two miles seem to go all right and then I fall to bits and never recover. Ah well…

It was the Rovers’ club championship and their fastest rider was Iain Brogden with a 21:33. He’s put in an amazingly consistent series of rides in these events. The fastest rider on the night was Nic Baldo of PBScience.com with a 20:46. I believe he’s a young French professional rider being coached by Eastbourne-based coaching company PBScience led up by Helen Carter. There’s an excellent blog on their Web site.

Race stats: Time: 27:52 (21.53mph). First 5 miles: 13:47, last 5 miles: 14:05. Top speed: 34.2mph. Slowest mile (4): 3:09 (19.05mph), fastest mile (2): 2:32 (23.68mph). Average HR: 167bpm, maximum HR: 174bpm. Average cadence: 72rpm. 33rd of 41 finishers. Winner: Nic Baldo (PBScience.com) 20:46