New Job

I went for a job interview yesterday. It seemed to go quite well and I’ve just heard that I got the job. I’m very pleased.

It’s a part-time role with lots of weekend working. Although it’s a permanent post, most of the hours are allocated to the months between Easter and September. I’m going to have to ration my racing and training around shifts, but c’est la vie. At least I should be able to ride to work some of the time – the ‘office’ is about 16 miles from home.

I’ll add more details as I get them, but here’s a picture of the new office to be going on with.

Bodiam Castle
Bodiam Castle. Image copyright

Tonight is another Eastbourne Rovers‘ Pevensey ’10’. It’s a nice day, so let’s hope I can get back into the short 27s.

No race this weekend – I’m not ready for a ’50’ yet and there was nothing else close.