Race #12 – A Mighty Wind

Back to Kent today to ride the Kent VTTA 30 mile TT on the Q30/2. I was interested to see how I would go after Thursday’s ride. Was that an aberration?

No, it wasn’t. Another slow ride today. The breeze didn’t help, but my cadence was low and my heart rate never really got going. I even did a mile at 16mph at one point.

I’m either tired, under-motivated or ill. There’s no evidence of the latter so I’ll go with a combination of 1 and 2 as a working hypothesis. If I mess up tomorrow’s evening ’10’ as well, that will count as a third strike and I will take a couple of days off the bike. It’ll allow me to get Wednesday’s job interview out of the way as well.

It was a tight race at the front end with Andrew Meliak just edging Mike Piper by 7 seconds.

Race stats: Time: 1:21:30 (22.09mph). First 15 miles: 38:32, last 5 miles: 42:32. Top speed: 33.7mph. Slowest mile (22): 3:36 (16.67mph), fastest mile (11): 2:09 (27.91mph). Average HR: 156bpm, maximum HR: 166bpm. Average cadence: 71rpm. 18th of 34 finishers. Winner: Andrew Meliak (Data Team Allstars) 1:08:33

Went to look at the site for the job interview this afternoon. Not like any office I’ve ever worked in before.