>Race #11 – Hubris

>Ah well. I fell into the trap of imagining that progress is inevitable. Based on recent, half-decent rides I’d expected to beat 27:00 in last night’s Eastbourne Rovers ’10’ on the Pevensey course. Instead I went out and did my slowest time for over two years – 28:09.

It was a breezy evening, but even with a tailwind to the turn I was only 21 seconds up on last week’s 27:02 effort. After the turn my ride fell to bits and I lost buckets of time every mile. Worst of all was the last mile where I went 29 second slower than last week – 3:06 for the mile on a dead flat piece of road. The strange thing is I was trying. My form wasn’t too bad and I my breathing was better than last week. I was a little under-motivated, maybe, but I thought I was accelerating towards the flag. As I say – strange.

Race stats: Time: 28:09 (21.31mph). First 5 miles: 13:25, last 5 miles: 14:44. Top speed: 33.9mph. Slowest miles (4 & 10): 3:06 (19.35mph), fastest mile (5): 2:32 (23.68mph). Average HR: 161bpm, maximum HR: 169bpm. Average cadence: 71rpm. 17th of 22 finishers. Winner: Iain Brogden (Eastbourne Rovers) 21:43

The bike will need some attention before Sunday’s 30m TT in Kent. I seemed to hit a series of potholes and quite a lot moved under the repeated impacts.

Some better news on the job front: I have an interview next Wednesday. It’s only £4k a year, but it’s a start.