>Race #10 – Progress

>Last night I rode the Lewes Wanderers‘ club 10m TT at East Hoathly (G10/87). It was a warmer night than last week’s event, but it did rain for the last few miles.

I got there early and rode the whole course as part of the warm up again. At that time it seemed there would be a slight tailwind finish. A drink, a pee and a few laps of the village and I was ready to go.

The first mile was 6 seconds faster than last week’s ride but by the turn I was only 12 seconds up on that standard. It was faster coming home despite the rain. I finished with a 25:52 – a season’s best.

I’m pleased with the ride. It’s especially nice to be able to turn in an improved performance after a hard few days of racing and training. It suggests that the resilience is building.

Race stats: Time: 25:52 (23.20mph). First 5 miles: 12:10, last 5 miles: 13:42. Top speed: 30.9mph. Slowest mile (10): 2:55 (20.57mph), fastest mile (1): 2:13 (27.07mph). Average HR: 163bpm, maximum HR: 168bpm. Average cadence: 73rpm. 24th of 43 finishers. Winner: Peter Morris (Lewes Wanderers) 21:42

The target for Thursday’s ’10’ will be to beat 27:00. It sounds easy after last night’s race, but I’ll be using less aero kit and the course doesn’t seem to suit me as well.

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Playwright, heritage interpreter and teacher. Living in the Midlands, UK

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