>Running on beetroot

>Last night was the second of Eastbourne Rovers‘ evening 10m TTs. It was a warm and breezy evening.

I rode with some new base bars and an adjusted tri-bar position (forearms parallel rather than hands together). The position felt okay, but the right hand tri-bar still moved when I hit potholes. It makes riding interesting having to adjust your bars at speed.

The other thing I thought I’d try out was beetroot juice. Beetroot juice is supposed to make you go faster1. I drank 500ml of it at 5pm and by 7.20pm I was rearing to go. But I had a race to ride.

This week was a solo ride rather than a 2-up, so I’d expect to be slower. Perhaps not quite so slow though (a mid-27). The effort level (measured by heart rate) was down. I messed up the couple of miles after the turn – I’m still learning the course.

I suspect that I over geared for most of the race. I’ll try and remember to mount the cadence sensor for the next race to check this.

Did the beetroot work? I certainly rode home fast! It’s quite a shock when you have a pee later – do you remember Mateus Rosé?

Race stats: Time: 27:37 (21.73mph). First 5 miles: 14:09, last 5 miles: 13:28. Top speed: 34.9mph. Slowest mile (4): 3:08 (19.15mph), fastest mile (10): 2:33 (23.53mph). Average HR: 164bpm, maximum HR: 173bpm. Average cadence: ?rpm. 21st of 27 finishers. Winner: Iain Brogden (Eastbourne Rovers) 21:40

1Pubmed article here, picked up via OptimumNutrition4Sport‘s FB page.

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