>Race #4 – a 2 up TTT

>Last night I rode the Eastbourne Rovers 2-up (i.e. 2 person team) time trial on the G10/83 Pevensey to Little Common and back course. I rode over to the event and signed on on spec hoping to either find a partner or ride solo. The tail wind on the journey over suggested a struggle to the turn and a flier home.

I was teamed up with Bob Coleman and we headed to the start. The wind dropped away to almost nothing as we set off. The first couple of miles are flat and I managed to take my turns. As the ground started to gently rise, however, I struggled to hold Bob’s wheel and he had to wait for me. I was getting a real work out!

The road surface on the approach to the turn is in disgraceful condition. We hit several potholes and my right hand tri bar started to move up and down – not good. Bob did most of the work on the way home and we finished in a time of 26:23.

What it did show me was how hard I can work in a ’10’ if I’m forced to. My average and maximum heart rates are high and I could taste blood at the finish.

A big thanks to the Eastbourne Rovers and particularly to Bob.

Race stats: Time: 26:23 (22.74mph). First 5 miles: 13:39, last 5 miles: 12:44. Top speed: 34.9mph. Slowest mile (4): 3:16 (18.37mph), fastest mile (8): 2:22 (25.35mph). Average HR: 168bpm, maximum HR: 175bpm. Average cadence: ?rpm. 13th of 16 finishers. Winner: P Holdaway and S Casebourne 22:00