>Races #2 and #3

>I was back into ‘racing’ action this weekend.

Yesterday was the East Sussex Cycling Association (ESCA) 10m TT on the G10/83 using the A22 South out of East Hoathly. It’s a nice course with the last mile being the hardest. It was a good, still day. I did a 26:34 which was disappointing. It reflects how much work I still have to do to get back to the level of fitness I had in mid-February.

Race stats: Time: 26:34 (22.58mph). First 5 miles: 12:28, last 5 miles: 14:06. Top speed: 30.1mph. Slowest mile (10): 3:02 (19.78mph), fastest mile (2): 2:23 (25.17mph). Average HR: 162bpm, maximum HR: 167bpm. Average cadence: ?rpm. 50th of 64 finishers. Winner: Peter tadros (In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp) 20:43

Today was another ESCA event – a ’25’ on the G25/89 which starts near Maresfield and takes the A22 South to turn at the same roundabout as yesterday’s ’10’. It’s a good, fair course with a slight gift start. It was chilly early on (gloves and knee warmer weather). 
Having embarrassed myself yesterday I tried to bend the odds today – skinsuit instead of road jersey and racing wheels rather than training hoops. That, and a decent night’s sleep, seemed to help. I was faster all round and covered the ’10’ course section in 26:25. I ended up with a 1:6:02. Still slow, but higher up the placings. 
Race stats: Time: 1:6:02 (22.72mph). First 12.5 miles: 32:33, last 5 miles: 33:29. Top speed: 29.6mph. Slowest mile (5): 3:08 (19.15mph), fastest mile (1): 2:16 (26.47mph). Average HR: 155bpm, maximum HR: 165bpm. Average cadence: ?rpm. 43rd of 64 finishers. Winner: Peter tadros (In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp) 52:08

Not a great début for my new team, In Gear Quickvit Trainsharp, but it was good to meet up with team mates and talk about the local racing scene.

I’m not racing over Easter so I’ll try and fit a couple of mid-week, evening club events in over the next couple of weeks.