>The Berlingo has landed


Windmill Hill2
photo from VillageNet.co.uk

We are now Southerners. It’s eleven days since we moved from the Grimy Northern Industrial Heartlands (Harrow) to Bexhill and one day since we managed to get broadband re-installed (hence the lack of posts). In between times we have unpacked 500,000 cardboard boxes, worked out the bin collection schedule and have boosted B and Q’s profits by somewhat.

Most days we wander down to the sea and just enjoy being here. It’s a very nice place. There are cafés everywhere and there’s a great hardware store as well – “a print of nails, sir?”, “Yes, I think I will.”

I’ve finally managed to get out on the bike a couple of times. It took a few days to find the time (and my pedals) and recover from a cold. There are some great cycling roads round here – smooth and with relatively light traffic. They do have more headwind though, hence the proliferation of windmills.

I’m meant to be riding a 10 mile TT today, but I won’t. I’ve lost a lot of form in a short time. Time off the bike doesn’t help but the cold has knocked me sideways. I’ll wait a little while before entering anything else.

1 Berlingo translates literally as “the language of bears”. Why?
2 The windmill at Windmill Hill is a post mill. So called because they were made from kits that came via the post in weekly parts. This is why you see so many unfinished windmills.

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