>Only a few days left in Harrow before we move to Bexhill. Most of my life (including my reading glasses dammit) is now in cardboard boxes and we’re almost ready to go.

So, Bexhill… I hadn’t realised that the town, as well as being the ‘Birthplace of British motor racing’, was a pioneer in the development of cycling. There’s some interesting information here about the dedicated Cycling Boulevard built in the town at the end of the nineteenth century. Nowadays bicycles are banned from the seafront, a cause taken up by the Bexhill Wheelers. I’m looking forward to discovering some local routes away from the traffic.

The town has a colourful history of smugglers, robbers and brigands and there are still branches of HSBC and Barclays in the town today. The seafront is dominated by the De La Warr Pavillion which, as well as being an modernist architectural show piece, is a venue for interesting shows and exhibitions (we’ve just missed events by Anthony Gormley and Patti Smith for instance).

The stress levels are rising as the move gets closer. I’d like it to be all over now. I’ve entered an time trial on the 26th March to give me a reason to get back into training once I’ve unpacked the bikes. I’ll probably be off line for a little while, so “see you soon”.