>Easing back

>An easier week this week. Just a few signs of not coping with training (power drop off, insomnia, dry throat, difficulty with breathing etc.). I know it makes sense, but I still feel guilty. In the past I’d have trained until I dropped (i.e. caught a cold, strained a muscle, thrown a wobbly) and then have been forced to rest.

So 10% less work this week and no long ride. Tomorrow’s a rest day (family do). ABW I’ll be back to the schedule on Monday, fresh and ready to go.

The reliability trial season is on the horizon. I had hope to start with the Lewes Wanderers‘ event on 23rd January, but this was reliant on us having moved South. There’s the Harp Hilly Hundred on the same day, but I’ll probably wait until the following week and ride the shorter of the two Team Quest events. I’ve not done enough road riding to be confident in the hills yet!

Details of all six Chiltern Classic reliabilities are here.

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Playwright, heritage interpreter and teacher. Living in the Midlands, UK

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