>The Pit Pony

>There used to be a regularly shown piece of film of pit ponies being brought to the surface for their once a year holiday. The ponies, released from the perma-dark imprisonment of the mine, went bonkers. Running and jumping around the field – a picture of unconfined joy.


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Today I rode a bike outdoors for the first time in what seems like weeks. I scampered over to Hillingdon and span round for lap after lap. After two and a bit hours I was pretty knackered and cut the session short. I think the daylight tired me out. I wasn’t quite in pit pony heaven, but the parallel wasn’t lost on me.

I’ve actually got into quite a productive groove with the turble, but it’s taking its toll on my body. The relative lack of movement and adjustment keeps too constant a pressure on joints and ‘contact points’. It’s good to get back on a bike that moves with you. It’s good to ride in company again as well.

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  1. >Many young people have no concept of the lives Pit Ponies led. pitponyman has uploaded a few video shorts of 1990's Pit Ponies in Wales onto you tube for information / enjoyment. Just search You Tube for pitponyman channel and enjoy.

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