>That’s the Summer season done. Actually it was done weeks ago, but Sunday was the last race I entered (the Brighton Mitre ’25’). I was looking forward to the event but the last few weeks of house viewings, working and using public transport finally caught up with me and I caught a cold. No riding for a few days I’m afraid.

I’ll start to review the season as time allows. The one stat that’s worried me most though is weight gain. See the chart below for my average weekly weight (click on it to see it bigger)…

That’s just wrong isn’t it. I’m ‘fittest’ at between 69 and 70kg. I got my Winter weight down to 71 and a bit in February but from then on my weight has climbed and climbed. I am now over 78kg (we’re talking just under 11st as the optimum weight and 12st 4lbs now in old money). I knew it was happening, but it still carried on.

Last year’s (08/09) chart looks a lot more consistent – though I do put on some weight when racing, and the hunger, starts…

Something to work on during the Winter.

About lancewoodman

Playwright, heritage interpreter and teacher. Living in the Midlands, UK

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