>VTTA 25m TT

>I was a DNS (did not start) on Sunday. I went to the event at Marlow (the H25/2), but the rain and poor visibility helped me decide to wimp out. By my start time conditions had improved, but my lack of fitness and focus helped me stick to my decision. I was not the only one – a great many riders DNS’ed. My thanks go out to the marshals who spent two hours or more stood around on roundabouts waiting for the brave souls who did ride. Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) won the event in a 50:45 – in the cold wind and rain in October! Hat.

I got back home in time for a meeting with someone interested in buying the house. And they’re going to buy it (subject to survey, contract, act of bod etc.). This is great news. It also means we have to find a place to move to ASAP. I’ve spent time looking at the outside of houses, now we have to arrange proper viewings.