>Bank Holiday stuff

>Friday night and it was off to the Prom #56 at The Albert Hall. The ascent to picture rail level seemed to help the deafness that has blighted me this week and with 20 minutes to go I got some hearing back – Yay! I still struggled to remain focussed though – I find music difficult. There’s a quote attributed to Sir Thomas Beecham along the lines of “The English don’t understand music. They just like the noise it makes”. I relate to this.

The fourth movement of the Bruckner was worth the wait though.

Sunday was the Westerley CC 25m TT at Marlow (H25/2). I had high hopes for this, having gone under a couple of weeks ago on the same course. In between times I had put in a heavy (by my standards) training block and had followed this with an easy week. However, the legs and the head weren’t there and I rode poorly – not really trying, which is not the right attitude. I ended up with a 1:03:52, finishing towards the end of the field.

Race stats: Time: 1:03:52 (23.49mph). First 12.5 miles: 32:35, last 12.5 miles: 31:15. Top speed: 37.2mph. Slowest mile (9): 3:12 (18.75mph), fastest mile (1): 1:52 (32.14mph). Average HR: 156bpm, maximum HR: 166bpm. Average cadence: 74rpm. 45th of 64 finishers. Winner: Adam Topham (High Wycombe CC) 51:57

In the afternoon we went to see The Illusionist directed by Sylvain Chomet – very enjoyable.

This morning I rode the second Westerley CC event of the Bank Holiday: a 10m TT on the H10/22 from Marlow. What a cold day! Most of the climbing on this course is on the way to the turn, so the return should be fast. This morning, however, there was a headwind back and I managed to come home slower! A better, more aggressive ride though.

Race stats: Time: 24:46 (24.23mph). First 5 miles: 12:07, second 5 miles: 12:37. Top speed: 33.5mph. Slowest mile (3): 2:57 (20.34mph), fastest mile (5): 2:05 (28.80mph). Average HR: 162bpm, maximum HR: 165bpm. 18th of 36 finishers. Ave. cadence: 76rpm. Winner: Peter Weir (Maidenhead and Dist CC) 21:22

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